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Ironman Wales Countdown

Date: 03-Sep-12 14:32

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Ironman Wales Countdown. Are you feeling the pressure of the last few weeks of training before the big event? What ever you do don't do anything silly... Read Full Post

Supple Healthy Joints For Sports, Triathlon And Life

Date: 30-Jul-12 11:31

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Do you ever feel your joints need a little TLC? Take a look at this article for advice and a top supplement to look after your joints for health and sport... Read Full Post

Open Water Triathlon Swim Coaching, Bristol

Date: 29-Jul-12 12:10

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Trudi made amazing progress after just one session of open water swim technique for triathlon. Read Full Post

Planning Your Triathlon Success

Date: 15-Jul-12 19:14

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With little time to spare, and hectic lives with commitments to jobsm family and social lives it is imperitive to get the maximum fitness results with the least possible time invested. Read Full Post

Muddy Bums Quality Training Session

Date: 30-Jun-12 15:20

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Muddy Bums Quality Training Session - Have you ever wondered why it is you train for hours but cant get faster? Read Full Post

Personal Challenges: Tour Of Pembrokeshire Sportive Success

Date: 13-May-12 20:24

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Personal challenges and a greulling day of cycling was shared by several hundred cyclists at the 2012 Tour of Pembrokeshire. A massive well done to... Read Full Post

Do We Self Sabotage Our Success?

Date: 06-May-12 11:27

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Do We Self Sabotage Our Success? I am increasingly conscious of how it has both affected me in the past, but also how it affects me now... Read Full Post

5 Steps To Your Perfect Triathlon

Date: 16-Feb-12 18:27

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Having entered a race are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenge? Or maybe you’ve challenged yourself in the past entering your first event such as a 10k or half marathon and found it particularly difficult to achieve? Read Full Post

Love Your Feet!

Date: 22-Jan-12 14:06

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Love Your Feet! Largely ignored unless they go wrong, our feet are responsible for more than we might think. Read Full Post

Bristol Fitness Show 2012

Date: 15-Jan-12 19:07

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Bristol Fitness Show 2012 Read Full Post

Get The Most From Your Multivitamin

Date: 06-Jan-12 20:36

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Get The Most From Your Multivitamin - Best multivitamin review and how to take it to great effect Read Full Post

Happy New Year - Achieve Your New Years Ambitions

Date: 02-Jan-12 22:47

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Happy New Year - In this article I wanted to give you three ways to achieve your new years ambitions Read Full Post

Christmas Workout - Free Workout Routine

Date: 22-Dec-11 13:55

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Christmas Workout - Free Workout Routine - Merry Christmas everybody and wishing you a fit and healthy new year Read Full Post

Free Triathlon Training Plans | Boot Camp In Bristol | Achieve Your Fitness Goal 2012

Date: 16-Dec-11 11:08

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Free Triathlon Training Plans | Boot Camp In Bristol | Achieve Your Fitness Goal 2012 Read Full Post

Castle Combe Duathlon Success

Date: 13-Dec-11 15:10

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Success at the Caslte Combe racing circuit for the winter duathlon 2011. Well done to Ali and Sonia ... Read Full Post

Periodised Fuelling For Athletes

Date: 02-Dec-11 21:07

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Breaking through the dreaded fitness plateau is what we all aim for no matter what our goal is. We do this by Read Full Post

My First Ironman Triathlon

Date: 23-Nov-11 17:36

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My First Ironman Triathlon : Interview with Rose about her first Ironman triathlon, how she managed to Read Full Post

Rose Talks About Her First Ironman Wales

Date: 19-Nov-11 12:34

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Ironman Rose gives us the low down on her first Ironman Wales experience, keeping motivated and... Read Full Post

FREE Strategy Session, 26th November @ The Triathlon Shop Bristol

Date: 10-Nov-11 18:03

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FREE Strategy Session @ The Triathlon Shop Bristol. Break through your barriers and set yourself inspirational goals... Read Full Post

Swim, Bike And Running Advice For Beginners

Date: 04-Nov-11 10:06

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Swim, Bike And Running Advice For Beginners. Design your own beginners 10k training programme, triathlon training plan Read Full Post

Halloween Fat Loss Interval Special!

Date: 05-Nov-09 19:01

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Around halloween it is dark and scary after work, especially if you run in a poorly lit park, or next to a grave yard like I do! If this is the case consider yourself lucky as you will end up running faster and get more from your workout, especially if you're afraid of the dark! Read Full Post
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