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Healthy Eating

Date: 25-Nov-11 10:18


Healthy Eating - Interview With Bryn At PV Turners Green Grocer Read Full Post

My First Ironman Triathlon

Date: 23-Nov-11 17:36

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My First Ironman Triathlon : Interview with Rose about her first Ironman triathlon, how she managed to Read Full Post

Rose Talks About Her First Ironman Wales

Date: 19-Nov-11 12:34

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Ironman Rose gives us the low down on her first Ironman Wales experience, keeping motivated and... Read Full Post

Winter Fitness - 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Date: 15-Nov-11 00:17


Why does winter have to mean getting podgy? Take the Winter Fitness - 30 Day Fitness Challenge Read Full Post

Bristol Boot Camp | Kingswood

Date: 13-Nov-11 19:53

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I am very excited to announce the Bristol Boot Camp will be running in Kingswood. I'd like to offer you a £25 voucher Read Full Post

FREE Strategy Session, 26th November @ The Triathlon Shop Bristol

Date: 10-Nov-11 18:03

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FREE Strategy Session @ The Triathlon Shop Bristol. Break through your barriers and set yourself inspirational goals... Read Full Post

Ironman Wales

Date: 08-Nov-11 18:01


Rose tackles the challenges faced at Ironman Wales with a smile to become an Ironman! Read Full Post

Swim, Bike And Running Advice For Beginners

Date: 04-Nov-11 10:06

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Swim, Bike And Running Advice For Beginners. Design your own beginners 10k training programme, triathlon training plan Read Full Post

Sunshine: Vitamin D For Endurance And Health

Date: 03-Nov-11 16:50


The number one source of vitamin D is the sun. However, since the skin cancer scare, vitamin D deficiency Read Full Post

Turbo Charge Your Triathlon Training Plan

Date: 01-Nov-11 15:07

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Importance of interval training in your triathlon training plan to get the most from your fitness. Read Full Post
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